About Us

Automated Parking Technologies, L.L.C. is comprised of a dedicated staff of installers, service technicians and administrative personnel all with one goal in mind - customer satisfaction. We all work together as a team to ensure consistent results.

Eric Risch

Eric started Automated Parking Technologies in June of 2001, as the only employee. He grew APT from nothing to a nationally recognized company with over ten employees and more than 50 Skidata locations in just under eight years. APT is now one of the top three Skidata distributors in the United States and one of the largest North American Digital Payment Technology distributors. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the NPA and the Vice President of ParkNet.Group.

Mike Hurrle
Projects & Operations

Mike joined APT in October of 2005 and oversees operations, sales and customer service. Mike brings forth over 22 years of managerial experience in both private and corporate environments. Mike struggles with an ongoing liquor/sea sickness battle. And he's damn good looking, too. And he's all thumbs. Well, not any more.

John-S Pretorius
Projects, IT & Customer Support

John joined APT in June of 2002, and has a strong technical background in access control, electronics, computers and IT. Currently John handles projects, IT and customer support. John is the hair model for APT.

Steve Mielke
Sales, Service & New Projects (Milwaukee)

As of August 2007, Steve runs our APT offices in Milwaukee and takes care of service, current projects and new sales. Steve has a strong technical background and expertise in the sales and management field. Steve is highly trained in neck and back shaving.

Patty Cruz

Patty joined APT in June 2001, and has been with the company since the doors opened for business. Patty takes care of billing and invoicing, making sure that every day accounting issues are resolved. She is the resident bathroom key holder.

Mike Boerman
Service & Customer Support (Milwaukee)

Mike joined APT in January of 2003 and has been part of APT’s service and customer team ever since. Mike deals directly with customer support and specific customer needs and issues that may be needed. He also has very strong feelings about Shark Week.

Rick Grinker
Service & Installation

Rick joined APT in June of 2005, and has a strong technical background in low voltage, electronics, computer technology and Installation processes. Currently Rick handles service, installations and pet transportation.

Matt Meyer
Service & Installation

Matt joined APT in February of 2007, and has a vast technical background in low voltage, electronics, CCTV, Fire and IT. Matt handles service and installations when he isn’t busy dreaming about plasma cutters and lasers.

Jordon Brown
Service & Technical

Jordon joined APT in March of 2007, and has a strong technical background in electronic hardware. He deals directly with customers and is perfect in every way.

Brandon Waltz

Brandon joined APT in May 2010 and has an extensive customer service background. He never drops anything and finds most things hilarious.

Pete Schlossman

Pete joined  APT in January 2011 and has substantial experience working with electro-mechanics. He was recently named the unofficial burger king of APT.

Steve Ruff

Steve joined APT in December 2012 and has a strong background in construction management. He is still surprised the Bears didn’t choose him to be their new head coach.